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Alan Stivell - 1975-05-11 - Cologne, DE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

WDR - Grosser Sendesaal 
Köln ,Germany 

Recorded probably with National/Technics tuner to Sony TC-377 two-track tape-recorder at 9,5 cm/sec. using BASF longplay tape. 
Around that time I bought an additional tape recorder, a Sony TC-645; so there a slight chance, that I dubbed and edited this from one tape recorder to the other. Played back with Revox B77 Mk2 to Tascam CD Rw-402. Cd ripped wit EAC, cut with Audacity, track separation done with CD-Wave Editor. Flac files ( level 6 ) with Trader's Little Helper. 

Alan Stivell - Celtic Harp, voc 
Dan Ar Bras - gtr 
René Werneer - fiddle, dulcimer 

Setlist: (Corrected 2012-10-19, thanks to serge) 

01-Suite Des Montagnes 
02-Sagart O'Donaill 
03-Heman Dubh 
04-Faili Faili Oro 
05-Kost Ar C´hoat 
06-Tri Martolod 
07-The King Of The Fairies 
08-Suite Sudarmoricaine 
10-Marv Eo Ma Mestrez 
11-Mná na Héireann 
12-Tenwal Eo'r Bed (Le Monde Est Sombre) 
13-Digor Eo An Hent (Le Chemin Est Ouvert) 

Length: 36:50"

This is a very nice set that I picked up from HungerCity a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I have changed in that torrent is that I added a new (and hopefully correct) setlist, so if you have picked it up there, come join seeding. All cred for this goes to Rank Stranger at HungerCity. Here is his (or her) description (with the new setlist added). 

WDR broadcast from May 11th, 1975 

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  1. Quote:
    "Here is his (or her) description..."


    Rank Stranger

  2. the set list is wrong...
    corrected set list :

    01 Suite irlandaise (Caitlin Triall / Porth Mhuirgheasa)
    02 Sagart O'Donaill / Jenovefa
    03 Heman Dubh
    04 Faili Faili Oro
    05 Suite des montagnes
    06 Tri Martolod
    07 The King Of The Fairies
    08 Suite Sudarmoricaine
    09 - introductions -
    10 Ar Voraerion
    11 Diougan Gwenc'hlan
    12 Tenwal Eo'r Bed (Le monde est sombre)
    13 Digor Eo An Hent (Le chemin est ouvert)