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Guns N' Roses - 2016-04-08 - Las Vegas, NV (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Guns N' Roses 

"A Dream Realized..." 

April 8, 2016 
T-Mobile Arena 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

external microphones -> 24bit/96khz harddisc recording -> USB/PC -> dEQ -> 16bit/44.1khz -> dED -> FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 8 with verifying, align on SBE enabled) -> THE WORLD!!! 

Slash: Lead Guitar 
W. Axl Rose: Vocals (on Dave Grohl's Rock N' Roll throne) 
Duff McKagan: Bass Guitar 

Additional Musicians: 
Richard Fortus: Rhythm Guitar 
Frank Ferrer: Drums 
Melissa Reese: Keyboards 
Dizzy Reed: Keyboards 

show (148:37): 
01) Intro (3:31) 
02) Axl "Throne-Intro" (1:04) 
03) It's So Easy (3:03) 
04) Mr. Brownstone (4:12) 
05) Chinese Democracy (3:37) 
06) Welcome to the Jungle (4:56) 
07) Double Talkin' Jive (5:15) 
08) Estranged (9:06) 
09) Live and Let Die (Wings cover) (3:22) 
10) Intro/Rocket Queen (11:01) 
11) Band Introduction (0:55) 
12) You Could Be Mine (5:37) 
13) New Rose (The Damned cover) (3:05) 
14) This I Love (5:39) 
15) Axl Talking (0:18) 
16) Coma (9:43) 
17) Slash Introduction (0:15) 
18) Theme from The Godfather (Andy Williams cover) (3:03) 
19) Sweet Child O' Mine (6:23) 
20) Intro/Better (6:28) 
21) Civil War (7:56) 
22) Jam ("Wish You Were Here" by Pink… more) (3:31) 
23) Layla (Derek and the Dominos cover) (Instrumental, with Axl on piano) (3:20) 
24) November Rain (9:59) 
25) Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) (9:39) 
26) Nightrain (8:36) 
27) Patience (5:59) 
28) Paradise City (6:25) 
29) Outro (2:26) 

Notes by the taper: 
- i would like to dedicate this release to a very special person in my life: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 
- Also thank you BIG time to "rockphantom" for persistently encouraging me to make the trek to Las Vegas for a once in a lifetime REAL Guns N' Roses experience! 
- first official GN'R Re-union show with "The Big 3": Slash, Axl, Duff [they did a little warm-up gig in the Troubadour on April 01, 2016 though] 
- i could witness a ~50min very nice GN'R rehearsal during the VIP party right before the show: Wish You Were Here, Layla, November Rain, Knockin' On a Heaven's Door, Welcome to the Jungle and There was a time [with Axl being on stage in an normal wheelchair -sometimes on crunches- and he was singing!) 
- Axl had injured his leg and was confined to David Grohl's 2015 live performance throne. 
- During the band introduction Axl refers to Slash: "And i think you know this guy: I don't know what it is, but it's weird and it's pissed off and it calls it so SLASH!" - which are about the exact same introduction words from the famous Ritz'88 show! 
- Before "Theme from The Godfather" Slash gets an extra introduction from Axl: "And a man who needs no introduction but gets one anyway....ladies and gentlemen: Slash!!!" 
- first time Slash played on Axl's songs: 05) Chinese Democracy, 12) This I Love, 20) Intro/Better 
- "Coma" = first time live since April 10, 1993 
- "Better" has a dark new intro 
- It was very nice meeting all the fans from all(!) around the world, I really enjoyed it! 
- complete audience recording (no cuts) 
- nice dynamics! 
- no SBEs on here 
- MD5 and FLAC fingerprints included 
- FLAC fingerprints included 
- Please give a copy of this recording to any fan who wants to hear it, FOR FREE!! 

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