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Bruce Springsteen - 2013-07-24 - Leeds, UK (2xDVDfull aud-shot DL)

(2xDVDfull aud-shot DL)

Leeds 2013-07-24 multicamera mix, dubbed audio (Crystal Cat), 2DVDs

NTSC 720x480, 7mibt cbr, lossless PCM audio
2 double layer discs (8,5gb) required. Ready to burn image files, artwork and disc labels included in this torrent.

It doesn't get any better than this. I still can't believe what we created here. Watching the final cut was an experience of pure joy. And so was the overwhelming feedback I received the last couple of weeks.
Many people thought because of the sheer fantastic quality I must have spent endless time on this one.
In fact, I spent much less time on it than on all other of my videos so far. It is much easier to work with excellent quality footage that is steady shot for most parts. And it was much less CPU intense to edit 'cause I didn't use 12+ cameras for some songs but for most parts just 6 or so but those were all fantastic and did the job.

A big thanks to everyone for sending me their high quality videos and to everyone who records for my multicams and to everyone who followed my advice and upgraded their camera or bought a camera especially for being part of my films.

Preview at: (audio is obviously not the final mix - the sample was done months ago and there was no Crystal Cat audio back then)

Leeds was my favourite show in 2013. I don't like big stadiums so this one was in favor even before Bruce came on stage. But it was not just the size of the venue that made this one my favourite show I attended in 2013.
Bruce is not always as loose as he was in Mönchengladbach (my second favourite video) for example. Many stadium gigs felt just a little like a greatest hits show. Especially the full Born in the USA album shows. And that ain't my cup of tea.
But this Leeds show was! A beautiful setting, a great crowd (except the morons shouting during IISFB), a fantastic setlist and Bruce very loose but tight performing with great crowd interaction (crowd surfing, beer drinking, my friend Steven's WHOLE family on stage, very personal requests played...). This show had it all.
It's epic to see the man to burn himself out. The "rawness" of the film really shows how much Bruce challenged himself physically. It's like he has been on a triathlon. After "Shout" he already reached the goal but stays on his feet for two more of the most beautiful acoustic performances he has ever done. Witnessing this...mesmerizing.
I have been to 86 Bruce shows in my life and I still rate Paris 5th July 2012 as the best I have ever seen but this one comes close. Some of my friends who have seen Bruce way before me (my first show was in 1992) rate this show as one of the best they have been to. So no matter if you think it was the best or not: It was spectacular.
And it is available now on video in breath-taking quality for all times to come ;-)
Local hero and secret garden are mixed with the pro-shot videos and in my opinion that makes amazing videos. I hope Mr. Landau officially releases a show I have much quality footage from to mix in. This would be my idea of the perfect live video.

The soundtrack for my Leeds video...well, of course now I hope for an official release to come some day to upgrade this video but for the time being the Crystal Cat release will more than do. Again it misses on a lot of potential but it is a good and solid recording.

So we have a fantastic concert paired with fantastic visuals and a pretty good soundtrack. The bar has been raised once more and I am pretty sure it will be the best video for a long long time to come ;-)

What's next after creating this fabulous concert film? Well, even though I love this video the most (I am a quality freak after all) I will continue to put as much effort as possible in all the other videos to come:
Rome (with films from Bruga and Simon, two of the most well-known Italian filmers) and Padova for example will be fantastic, too, even though the visuals and steadiness will be by far not as good as on this one and previous releases of mine but they will be pure joy to watch and listen to.
Both are already edited but I may have to go back to editing because I *may* receive any day more footage (or someone just wanted to know my home adress) and if the footage is for real and it is good I will upgrade both videos.
Both Rome and Padova will have a soundtrack that will be sheer fantastic (my friend the audio pro already edited Rome and I must say I prefer it to any Crystal Cat release from this tour and next he will do Padova which will sound stunning, too).
And there are still a couple more amazing videos to come: All three Stockholm shows, both Kilkenny, Leipzig with betterday's footage included, etc. And no worries: Milano is still to come, too.
I was asked many times if I still do the Milano video. Yes, of course! We didn't film with 4+ cameras and I didn't collect hundreds of other videos and then don't do a multicam ;-)
This video will just go down in the books of Springsteen unofficial live videos as the biggest wasted opportunity. The "issues" with you know who and them doing their own thing prevent this video to be more like Leeds with a good mix of upclose and stage shot footage.
I learned my lesson and this Milano video may be the last Italian video I ever do. I am just sick of the fights.
And no, my offer for exchaning sources (that would have meant I send my 3-4 complete shoots plus lots more footage and an exclusive audio for just 2 complete shoots in return) is off the table. After all the happenings the only way for you know who to come clean is sending me their recordings.

Now, enjoy this fabulous video from Leeds. Again, wait 'til you hop on this torrent. Will be "gold" soon...

filmed by:

Nick Howlett
Mike - "The flying Greek"
and others

My Love Will Not Let You Down
No Surrender
Something in the Night
American Skin (41 Shots)
The Promised Land
Hungry Heart
Local Hero
Gotta Get That Feeling
Bad Moon Rising
Wrecking Ball
Death to My Hometown
This Depression
Because the Night
Darlington County
Shackled and Drawn
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Rising
Land of Hope and Dreams
* * *
Secret Garden
Atlantic City
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
If I Should Fall Behind (solo acoustic)
Thunder Road (solo acoustic)

+ BONUS STUFF (impressions from Mark Wright at the Badlands after-show party, preview for "Springsteen and Us" and some more stuff)

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