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Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1984-03-19 - Honolulu, Hawaii (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

with Jimmy Vaughan and Jeff Beck
CBS Record Convention
Approx 45 minutes

A 15+ year old Maxell VHS tape Played on a Sony Hi-Fi VHS player inputted into a Pioneer DVR 520-H stand alone DVDR burner to create this DVD.

A Hitwitstuff2 Video Excavation upload!

I bought this tape mail order from someone I probably found in Gold Mine Magazine back in the way back when.

I have no idea if this is rare especially in this quality, picture-wise, which is pretty good but there are some nasty edits and the sound suffers from some very trebly high end especially in the beginning.
Its mostly a single pro camera with a sometimes hissy soundboard feed. The camera is hand held for the most part and is sometimes even set down on its side mid-song, but mostly is catching some friggen great shots. This camera is on stage being carried around.

(sits into the end of) Couldn't Stand the Weather
Cold Shot w/ Jimmie Vaughan
Things That I Used to Do w/ Jimmie Vaughan
You Were Wrong w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Angela Strehli
Lonely Teardrops w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Angela Strehli
edit then color bars and audio then after a couple of minutes, the video returns for the rest of:
Third Stone from the Sun
-encore with a lot of crowd noise then Stevie introduces Jeff Beck.
Wham w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Jeff Beck
Last Call (Hawaiian Eye) w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Jeff Beck
Don't Fall for me Baby w/ Jimmie Vaughan, Jeff Beck and Angela Strehli (lots of shitty edits)
Jeff's Boogie w/ Jeff Beck
Stevie says goodnight and that he really enjoyed playing for ya!

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