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Can - 1973-08-25 - Edinburgh, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Empire Theatre

Cassette received by 'wreka' (thanks!) in 1976, believed to be early generation SBD or AUD copy from the recordings made at most live performances by Holger Czukay. 

CD > EAC > Nero > EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)

Changes Made (Nero 7):
Cross-mixed tracks (87:13), bass and drums more dynamic / clear & balance improved Reduced Right channel by 5% to centre stereo balance
Appled Nero noise print NR
Fixed glitches at 1.01, 6.36-38 (tr01) 0.59, 3.10-13, 7.34, 10.33 (tr02) 6.38 (tr03) 2.30 (tr05) - plus multiple small volume drops throughout
Applied +3dB high frequency EQ
Fixed multiple volume / balance swings in tr 01, tr02, tr04 & tr05
Raised volume levels of tr04 & 5 by +6dB
Deleted silences between tracks & unrelated volume bursts before abrupt applause ends
Matched applause levels / eq & crossfaded tracks for reasonably smooth transitions
- wreka, only a very few seconds of crowd noise have been lost

Quality: Must be worth an A+ for the performance and the vintage

Irmin Schmidt - Keyboards
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Holger Czukay - Bass
Jaki Liebezeit  -Drums

Set List (69.18)

13.52 Soup
30.30 Stone Strike
10.03 Hakucho No Uta (Swan No Song)
08.49 Hot Day in Koeln *
06.00 I'm Your Doll *

* Overdubs by Michikao Nakao

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