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Sonisphere - 2011-07-30 - Stevenage, UK (DVDfull PRO_HD)

(DVD9full PRO_HD)

Pro shot (HD 16.9)>Digital Satellite>component video cables and optical Audio cable>Hauppage HD PVR 1228>USB 2.0>PC>Arcsoft tme to capture>ts>multiavchd to author>BDMV>you

Knebworth House

8th -10th July 2011

Broadcast Sky Arts HD 30th July 2011

2 Dual Layer AVCHD

Menu and Chapters

Codec MPEG-4 avchd H.264
Container MPEG-2 TS
resolution 1980x1080i
frame rate 25
bit rate 13.5
aspect ratio 16.9

dolby AC3
bitrate 384kbs
sample rate 48khz
6 channels

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Slipknot - Duality
03 Slipknot - Surfacing
04 Opeth - Hex Omega
05 House of Pain - Jump Around
06 Sum 41 - In Too Deep
07 Cavelera Conspiracy - Roots Bloody Roots
08 Mastodon - Crack the Skye
09 Motorhead - Get Back in Line

Run time 45.12

Disc 2
01 Bill Bailey
02 Diamond Head - Am I Evil
03 Anthrax - Anti Social
04 Megadeth - Holy Wars
05 Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
06 Metallica - Seek and Destroy
07 Metallica - The Memory Remains

Run Time 44.36

Here is the ready to burn HD Video for anyone who wants it, see below for details on how to do it if you dont know, my personal tips for this are:
1. use good quality disc (verbatim are good),
2. burn slowly 2.4 is ideal
3. Verify disc
4. while its burning dont do anything else on your PC

Thanks for this tutorial STLBlues

This is a High Definition video which can be burned to a standard DVD-R or DVD+R blank disc. The resulting disc can only be played in compatible Blu-Ray devices such as a standalone Blu-Ray player, Playstation 3, or BD-ROM drive. This cannot be played in any DVD player, including some DVD-ROM drives, after it's been burned. However, the files can always be dumped back onto a computer hard-drive after it's been burned with any DVD-ROM or BD-ROM drive. For computer playback, you must have the appropriate hardware and software applications. At a minimum, you will need a 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU with at least 256MB of graphics memory. There is also the option of recording to a solid-state memory card (SDHC, Memory Stick), then played from many Blu-Ray disc players, PS3, or select Panasonic HDTV's.

Your standalone Blu-Ray player must be capable of AVCHD playback. Most Blu-Ray players are capable of doing this.

Any tool to burn a disk will do, but it must be able to burn a DVD using the UDF 2.50 file system. The UDF 2.60 file system is also acceptable. Nero Burning ROM can do this starting from version 7. You can also use free tools like ImgBurn, which can be downloaded from

Imgburn Step-By-Step Instructions:
* First, switch to "Build" mode by selecting Mode > Build from the main menu.
* For source, select the directory that contains BDMV directory.
* For target specify any name and location of your liking, this is where the disc image will
be written.
* Select Options page in the tabbed notebook on the right, specify UDF file system, revision
* Keep "Recurse subdirectories" checked.
* Press the folder icon > disc icon button to write the image.

After this process is done, locate where you saved the image file (.iso), then burn to a regular DVD-R or DVD+R disc. If using a standalone Blu-Ray player, make sure it will play which ever disc (-R or +R) you are using. I recommend using a burning speed of 4x or less.

Once completed, you now have a high definition video on a regular DVD ready to be played on your favorite Blu-Ray device.

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