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Miles Davis - 1970-08-18 - Lenox, MA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Video: mp4 files (AVC 640x480, 2000 kbps) ->YAMB (demux) -> DGAVCIndex -> AviSynth -> ->CCE 2.7 -> Womble -> TDA 1.6 (mux) -> TAW4 (menu only) -> DVDRemake
Audio: wavs from Bitches Brew CD3 -> SoundForge10 -> Womble (for defining synch points)

NTSC DVD 720x480,
8000 kbps
CBR progressive,
LPCM audio from CD

Miles Davis - trumpet
Gary Bartz - sax
Chick Corea - electric piano
Keith Jarrett - organ
Dave Holland - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Airto Moreira – percussion

02.Bitches Brew
03.The Mask
04.It's About Time
06.Spanish Key/The Theme
07.Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
08.Bill Graham outro

Notes by the uploader/trader
This is my attempt to combine on DVD the video from Bill Graham archive site (Wolfgang's Vault) with CD audio. The original track with the video wasn't bad but it was definitely mono. Since the audio from CD had been recorded independently from video, there were serious problems to synch it due to audio tape speed fluctuations (0 to +1.6%), even within individual tracks. However, by individually working with each track I (hopefully) managed to do it satisfactorily (I don't use the word 'perfect' here). The overall watching/listening experience is quite positive due to excellent audio. Try it out.

Audio tracks were resampled to 48 kHz and speed-corrected in 64-bit environment, volume adjusted to -3dB to prevent any clipping (which the CD engineers had already manage to produce in some places). No other modifications. The 'applause' before encore (track 7) and Bill Graham speech were used from video (almost missing on CD). All track transitions are seamless.

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