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Townes Van Zandt - 1995-11-15 - Hanau, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


DAT D2 Master Soundboard, recorded by traink 
16bit, 48 kHz transfer by reelclasio: DAT Cassette > Pioneer D-05 > Hucht > Tascam SS-R1 Compact Flash Card 
> PC > Samplitude 11 for Track splitting 

Fourth installment of a new batch of Townes recordings (6) fellow dimer traink gave me. He recorded Townes a couple of times in Germany in the ninetees. A few of these recorings are his own masters, a few are traded copies on DAT. 

This project is a true team effort: traink provided the tapes and handed them over a few weeks ago at In The Woods. Not only did he give me these Townes tapes, he also included Eric Taylor and Chris Smither. I brought the tapes to reelclasio, who still has working DAT recorders. Moreover he's one of the better tapers of the Netherlands. He did a 16/48 transfer and sent me the raw files and a quickly edited version. Fredtaper did the final editing. I coordinated the project, split a few files that had more than one song, adapted the setlist, made covers and downsampled to 44.1kHz for burning to CD. 

The recordings I'll share are either new into circulation or fresh transfers of shows that are circulating, making them an upgrade. 

The show shared now is not new into ciculation, but while the previously shared version are traded Cd's, this is a fresh transfer from the master tape. Great sounding show. Townes thanks Luke for the great sound in the venue. The previous version starts with Loretta, which is not included here, so either it comes from another source or it was a patch. 

About the location: the other version mentions the venue as Alter Schlachthaus, which is not correct. 
Alter Schlachthaus is in Halle, Schweinehalle is in Hanau (near Frankfurt. Townes mentions being back in Frankfurt). I can understand the mix up. For our non-German speaking members both names indicate slaughterhouses: Old Slaughterhaus en Pig's hall. As a devouted vegetarian both names sound horrible to me. 

1. (cuts in) Dollar Bill Blues 
2. My Starter Won't Start/Broke Down Engine/Goin' Down To Memphis <Lightning Hopkins/Blind Willie McTell/TVZ> 
3. Pancho And Lefty-> song intro 
4. Katie Belle Blue 
5. Lungs 
6. The Hole 
7. Buckskin Stallion Blues 
8. Waiting Around To Die 
9. Blaze's Blues 
10. Two Girls 
11. Marie * 
12. Still Looking For You 
13. Tecumseh Valley/Dead Flowers/Tecumseh Valley 
14. Snake Mountain Blues 
15. A Song For-> joke 
16. Talking Thunderbird Blues 
17. To Live Is To Fly 
18. The Catfish Song 

19. Hey Willie Boy 
20. If I Needed You 
21. Flyin' Shoes 

TT 01:25:34 

Track 11 had a long dropout. Fredtaper did a 20 second patch from another show (1994-11-07 Tr06) so the missing part is eliminated.

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