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The Police - 1983-10-10 - Dortmund, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Disc 1:
01 - Voices Inside My Head/Synchronicity I
02 - Synchronicity II
03 - Walking In Your Footsteps
04 - Message In a Bottle
05 - Walking On the Moon
06 - O My God
07 - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
08 - Wrapped Around Your Finger
09 - Tea In the Sahara
10 - Hole In My Life
11 - Spirits in the Material World
12 - Invisible Sun
13 - One World (Not Three)

Disc 2:
01 - King of Pain
02 - Don't Stand So Close To Me
03 - Every Breath You Take
04 - Murder By Numbers
05 - Roxanne
06 - Can't Stand Losin' You/Reggatta De Blanc
07 - So Lonely


The last night in Germany for the band finds them in good performing shape and our taper here did a great job of capture. However, that is where this buck stops. I'd say the audience here is not the best and Sting seems to notice this. Most of the show here, but the very end of De Do Do Do is missing. Almost all of the banter before King of Pain is gone as well (the discs change at that point with this one). There was a source of this torrented out at Dime, but someone seems to have done some digital noise reduction here and I think that version is inferior to this one (the hiss is really not bad here anyway). If you can go without an enthusiastic audience here, you will find a fantastic performance inside.

Marshall Crenshaw - 1982-08-08 - Portland, OR (SBD/FLAC)


01. There She Goes Again
02. Not For Me
03. Brand New Lover
04. Anything For You
05. Soldier of Love
06. Move It
07. Maryanne
08. Love My Life Away
09. Rockin' Around in NYC
10. Girls
11. Something's Gonna Happen
12. Got a Lotta Livin' To Do
13. Someday Someway
14. She Can't Dance
15. Cynical // Girl(cut at 11s)
16. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
17. Honestly Sincere

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Neil Young - 1999-04-28 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rosemont Theater

A.V. collection


Master : I.G.

(Core Sounds)

CD 1 - set I
01 - Tell Me Why
02 - Looking Forward
03 - War Of Man
04 - Out Of Control
05 - Albuquerque
06 - Dreamin' Man
07 - Pocahontas
08 - Philadelphia
09 - Homegrown
10 - Daddy Went Walkin'

CD 2 - set II
01 - Distant Camera
02 - Razor Love
03 - The Last Trip To Tulsa
04 - Long May You Run
05 - Southern Pacific
06 - Harvest Moon
07 - Slowpoke
08 - The Needle And The Damage Done
09 - After The Gold Rush
10 - - encores -
11 - Good To See You Again
12 - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
13 - Powderfinger
14 - - encore II -
15 - Silver And Gold

Neil Young - 2003-06-29 - Wantagh, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theatre,

DAT master > CDR > eac > flac

Master: F.Z. Sonic Studios mics > Sony D8

Band: Crazy Horse, Line Up 7
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, pump organ
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Pegi Young - background vocals
Nancy Hall - background vocals
Susan Hall - background vocals
Twink Brewer - background vocals

01. Falling From Above
02. Double E
03. Devil's Sidewalk
04. Leave The Driving
05. Carmichael
06. Bandit
07. Grandpa's Interview

01. Sun Green (aborted)
02. Bringin' Down Dinner
03. Sun Green
04. Be The Rain
05. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
06. Down By The River
07. Sedan Delivery
08. Roll Another Number
09. Rockin' In The Free World

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New links on GUITARS101 17/10/2013

Alice Cooper - 2013-10-07 - Moscow, Russia (AUD/FLAC)
Arven - 2013-06-15 - Aschaffenburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 1978-12-01 - Memphis, TN (AUD/FLAC)
Chick Corea - 1994-04-08 - Warsaw, Poland (SBD/FLAC)
Christy Moore - 2008-10-22 - Aberystwyth, Wales (SBD/FLAC)
Depeche Mode - 1988-02-07 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)
Echo & The Bunnymen - 1997-08-21 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Elvis Costello - 1989-07-11 - Montreux, CH (FM/FLAC)
Frank Zappa - 1974-09-16 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)
Frank Zappa - 1978-02-15 - Berlin, DE (SBD/FLAC)
Lou Reed - 1977-04-16 - St. Etienne (AUD/FLAC)
Miles Davis - 1967-04-07 - Berkeley, CA (FM/FLAC)
Paul McCartney - 2013-08-09 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Peter Gabriel - 1982-11-30 - Madison, WI (SBD/AUD/FLAC)
Peter Gabriel - 2011-06-20 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)
R.E.M. - 1983-07-13 - Boston, MA (FM/FLAC)
R.E.M. - Half A World Away Part One (FM/FLAC)
Rainbow - 1980-01-17 - Gothenburg, SWE (AUD/FLAC)
Santana - 1974-09-23 - Albuquerque, NM (SBD/FLAC)
Stray Cats - 1984-08-06 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)
Television - 1977-05-26 - Manchester, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Television w Patti Smith - 1975-04-17 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)
The Cars - 1979-07-05 - Memphis, TN (SBD/FLAC)
The Cult - 2013-08-08 - Detroit, MI (AUD/FLAC)
The Rolling Stones - 1970-09-23 - Paris, FR (SBD/FLAC)
The Rolling Stones - 2013-06-29 - Pilton, UK (MTX/SBD/FLAC)
Van Morrison - 2001-12-29 - Wien, AT (AUD/FLAC)
Yngwie Malmsteen - 1988-12-17 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)
Yngwie Malmsteen - 1988-12-19 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

The Band - 1969-10-26 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Exc audience FLAC)

1st generation reel-to-reel > CD-R > CD-R (trade) > FLAC

01. This Wheel's On Fire (5:03)
02. We Can Talk (2:47)
03. Don't Ya Tell Henry (3:26)
04. Caledonia Mission (3:48)
05. Chest Fever (5:44)
06. I Shall Be Released (3:27)
07. Lovin' You (3:36)
08. The Weight (4:20)
09. Long Black Veil (2:51)
10. Tears Of Rage (5:27)
11. Don't Do It (4:12)
12. Unfaithful Servant (4:18)
13. Up On Cripple Creek (3:57)
14. Slippin' and Slidin' (3:35)
15. Look Out Cleveland (3:26)
16. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (4:02)

This one is absolutely essential for any Band fans - recorded a month after the release of the second album, the band is in fine form. The recording itself is remarkable for a mono audience tape from the late sixties. All the instruments are well balanced and clear, and the audience is present but never overpowers the music. Spectral analysis shows that it is lossless and as far as I know it's never been shared in any form before. I got the show in a private trade over a decade ago - apparently, my source got it from the original taper who was concerned about possible bootlegging and requested that the recording keep a low profile. I've abided by that request for years, but this show is too great to keep it hidden for any longer.

Bruce Springsteen - 1985-08-09 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Title: Warm Night In Chicago
Label: Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: 1985-08-09
Location: Soldier Field, Chicago, IL.


Recorder: Sony PCM-F1/Beta
Tape: Sony Beta
Mics: AKG 460 B ck1
Played back on same exact gear (not original gear) through>
Pre-amp: Naim 52 w/chord co. cable
CDR Recorder (Stand Alone): Marantz CDR-600 (Philips CDR-101)
CDR: Taiyo Yuden Gold 74-ZY
PC Drive: UltraPlex40max SCSI
EAC>FLAC>To You Guys, enjoy, RB

Disc One:
01 Born In The U.S.A.
02 Badlands
03 Out In The Street
04 "Watch The Guy Next To You"
05 Johnny 99
06 Seeds
07 Atlantic City
08 Intro / "Some Place To Go"
09 The River
10 Working On The Highway
11 Trapped
12 Darlington County
13 Glory Days
14 The Promised Land

Disc Two:
01 Intro / "Chicago Food Depository"
02 My Hometown
03 Thunder Road
04 Cover Me
05 Dancing In The Dark
06 Hungry Heart
07 Cadillac Ranch
08 Downbound Train
09 I'm On Fire
10 "The Garden Of Eden"
11 Pink Cadillac
12 Bobby Jean

Disc Three:
01 Intro / "The Greatest Song"
02 This Land Is Your Land
03 Born To Run
04 Band Introduction
05 Ramrod
06 Twist & Shout (w/ Do You Love Me)
07 Sherry Darling
08 Reason To Believe
09 Intro
10 No Surrender
11 Prove It All Night
12 Jungleland
13 Racing In The Street

- D3 Tracks 8-12: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO. November 19, 1984.

This one was re-edited two times (wasn't satisfied with the results), hope I got it finally right.
Huge thanks to mr. analog for taping the show and sharing the master. Thanks!

"This recording is absolutely sick and borderline ridiculous in terms quality for an audience.If you want to hear power captured via digital audie, this is the tape for you.Not sure we could do as well today for some reason and why is that? One trainspotter moment I have called out before from the show is beautifully captured on this tape in the first minute or so of "Born in the U.S.A." As some of you might know, for this tour Max Weinberg switched from miking his drums to using drum triggers to fatten the sound. The drum trigger hits a sampler which plays commanding "whoomp" sound. When Bruce starts BITUSA in Chicago, Max comes in with those single snare beats, only someone forgot to turn on the drum sampler/triggers. So for the first few bars its like "tick," "tick," "tick" as we only here the miked drum, then someone throws the switch and it's "kaboom," "kaboom," "kaboom." The difference is incredible and you'll hear it here."-'Butterking'

"This was also my first Springsteen show (although my Dad's secretary wanted to take me to see him on The River tour-- folks said NO--I was only 10). I was playing high school football and had to run the mile for time. I was running every day and I HATE running. The Sunday before the show, I was laying in bed listening to WCKG (they USED to play music back then) trying to avoid getting out of bed to go running. They announced that they were going to be giving away tickets to the show, so I figured that was an excuse to stay in bed a little longer. I never actually thought that I would win. When the time came, I called and actually won. I called my sister, who was working at a drugstore and asked her if she wanted to go. She didn't believe me. When I finally convinced her that I was serious, she dropped the phone and screamed. This actually got me out of a HUGE jam with my sister, as she had graduated high school that summer and I never got her a gift, and her birthday was between the Sunday I won the tickets and the day of the show. We went to the show with a friend of hers, his boyfriend, and a friend of hers (who I happened to be playing football with). We got there at 10am (general admission seating) and ran into some friends that had been there since 7am. We hopped in line with them and waited. When they finally let people in, we ran (which sucked for me as I had a micro-cassette recorder in my shoe). I taped the show from about 10 rows of bodies back, but all you can hear is Herman (the guy I played football with) screaming "BORN IN THE USA" for 3 hours with Springsteen in the background. So this is a huge upgrade for me. It was hotter than hell that day and there was 1" thick black rubber matting covering the playing field. We kept going and soaking under the showers that the players use on the sidelines. Someone near us had a bag of chocolate chips that get spilled and melted on the matting. By the time we got home, we looked like we had spent 3 months in the same clothes in Beirut. By the way, the show was SMOKING!!" - 'toadhead'

Frank Zappa - 1969-02-23 - Toronto, ON (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

Pachuco Hop

Sbd - Sound: A-
Liberated bootleg: "Pachuco hop"
lineage: Cd-R>EAC>SHN>YOU

01. Intro
02. Bacon Fat
03. (Those) Lonely Lonely Nights
04. Corrido Rock
- Pachuko Hop
- Behind The Sun
05. The String Quartet > Charles Ives
06. WPLJ
07. In The Sky
08. All Night Long

This is a fun show. Frank is in great form. With all the Rockpile posts lately, I thought I would up this.

Fleetwood Mac - 2013-09-20 - Dublin, Ireland (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The o2; Dublin 18th September 2013

Taper : Johnky [liverecordings@gmail.com]

Rig : Sony ECM-CS10 > Edirol R09-HR > SD CARD > Sound Forge 6.0 > WAV > FLAC

Websites : www.live-recordings.net /==/ www.facebook.com/liverecordings

01. Second Hand News
02. The Chain
03. Dreams
04. Sad Angel
05. Rhiannon
06. Not That Funny
07. Tusk
08. Sisters of the Moon
09. Sara
10. Big Love
11. Landslide
12. Never Going Back Again
13. Without You
14. Gypsy
15. Eyes of the World
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. I'm So Afraid
18. Stand Back (Stevie Nicks song)
19. Go Your Own Way
20. World Turning (including Drum Solo)
21. Don't Stop
22. Silver Springs
23. Say Goodbye

Length : 161.58

Journey - Charge Of The Light Brigade (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Zipperdeke ZIP-015

Silver cd > EAC > FLAC > WAV > CDR > EAC (secure) > WAV > TLH > FLAC (L8)

The unfinished album by the original pre-Steve Perry Journey. 13 tracks from the fusion tinged rockers plus 3 live tracks from pre-Journey fusion band Sears Schon Errico.
If you love great guitar work you want this CD.
If you do not like Journey you will like this.
There are two songs with vocals.

01 - Mystery Mountain [studio mix - unfinished]
02 - In The Morning Day [studio mix - no vocals]
03 - Charge Of The Light Brigade a.k.a. Alive Again [fusion w/ killer Neal Solos]
04 - Still Lovers
05 - To Make Some Music [studio mix - no vocals]
06 - In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations [studio mix - no vocals]
07 - Angels From Heaven
08 - Can You Hear Me
09 - Kohoutek [studio mix - differs from released version]
10 - Out Of Control [Schon lights it up]
11 - To Make Some Music [no vocals - alt. version]
12 - See The Light
13 - Charge Of The Light Brigade a.k.a. Alive Again [alt. version - faster tempo]

14 - Your Little Girl
15 - Voodoo Chile
16 - Tonight

Lineup on tracks 01 to 13:
- Neal Schon - Guitar
- Ross Valory - Bass
- Gregg Rolie - Vocals, Keyboards
- George Tickner - Guitar
- Prairie Prince - Drums

Lineup on track 14 to 16:
- Pete Sears - Bass
- Neil Schon - Guitar
- Greg Errico - Drums
- Gregg Rolie - Keyboards

The first thirteen tracks are all studio recordings and other than some hiss and slight distortion in louder places, are probably an 8.5-9 on a sound quality scale of 1 to 10. The last three tracks are live recordings from the Sunshine Festival at the Diamond Head Crater, Honolulu, HI 1/1/73. In the liner notes to the 3rd Santana album from 1971, Rolie says when he and Neal quit the band (after the 4th album), he opened up a restaurant for a year before hooking up with Schon to form Journey. The 1st Journey album's songs are copyrighted 1974 and the album was released in '75, so it's logical Neal was doing something musically during the year or so between the two bands. All three of these tracks are instrumentals and it sounds like a decent audience recording. This outfit is sometimes refered to as Birthday or Happy Birthday. Herbie Herbert interviews tell that when him and Carlos Santana split during Christmas in '72 he grabbed Neal and Gregg and took them to a gig 5 days later in Hawaii on New Years Day in '73 (the three tracks here) and in March of '73 drew up the paperwork on a band yet un-named that would become Journey.

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Metallica 2013-06-08 - Detroit, MI (DVDfull + DVD blue Ray)

Filming type: Pro
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 16:9 720X576 8MB/S 25/FPS
Extra: Hit the lights (rollingstone.com), Tuning room, Photo slideshow
Duration: 53 min.

Filming type: Pro
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 16:9 1920X1080 14MB/S 25/FPS
Extra: Hit the lights (rollingstone.com), Tuning room, Photo slideshow
Duration: 53 min.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bonnie Raitt - 2012-09-22 - Los Angeles, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Live at The Greek Theater

Genre: Rock Blues
Mono FM Soundboard A (some FM Drift)
Recorder: Sony M-10
Processing: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b 15ms delay to rchannel, 10db boost to 60, 150, & 400htz) 
Flac Conversion: Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Recorded by Scooter123
Tapers Trade List: http://db.etree.org/mylibbydog

Bonnie Raitt, Guitar and Vocals
George Marinelli, Guitar and Vocals
Michael Finnigan, Hammond B-3, Keyboards and Vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchison. Bass and Vocals
Ricky Fataar, Drums

Manny Alverez, Guitar+
Johnny Lee Schell, Guitar **
John Cleary, Guitar ***

01. Used to Rule the World
02. Right Down the Line
03. Lets Give Them Something to Talk About
04. Million Miles
05. Can't Fail Me Now
06. Love Sneaking Up On You
07. Come to Me
08. Marriage Made in Hollywood+
09. Not Cause I Wanted To
10. Angel From Montgomery
11. Thing Called Love**
12. I've Got News for You
13. I Feel So Damn Good***
14. I Can't Make You Love Me
15. Love Me Like a Man
16. Have a Heart
17. Hunk of Love+ ***

TT 1:48

Tapers Notes:
After a 55 City road trip, Bonni Raitt returns home, and performs at the sold out The Greek Theater, one of Los Angeles' preminent venues.  She was having a blast, calling out her agents, producers, friends and family in the first 15 rows, some of which came up and played with her. She was so moved, you can hear her voice break up and 
tear hit her eye in "I Can't Make You Love Me" All banter and stage talk was removed and tracks zero'ed out and faded in. Some FM drift downgrades this to an "A." 

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Patti Smith - 1979-05-13 - Upper Darby, PA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

FM Broadcast (WIOQ-FM)


FM > 1st generation reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > WAV > FLAC

Taped off of a live FM broadcast, this recording is from PSG's 1979 Wave tour. The buzz, surrounding the concert, is that the audio quality excels, but the performances of the musicians are mediocre. This 2 CD set captures Patti at the height of her fame in the 1970s, near her hometown. Cover art has been provided.

Patti Smith - vocals, guitar
Lenny Kaye - guitar, bass, vocals
Ivan Kral - guitar, bass, vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums
Richard Sohl - keyboards

1 Set Me Free
2 Till Victory
3 So You Wanna Be (a Rock n' Roll Star)
4 Mr. Tambourine Man (Lenny Kaye on vocals)
5 Citizen Ship
6 You Gotta Live
7 Redondo Beach
8 Poppies
9 Crowd
10 Hang On to Tomorrow
11 Jailhouse Rock
12 25th Floor
13 Kimberly
14 (Manfred Mann cover)

1 Be My Baby
2 Secret Agent Man
3 Revenge
4 Dancing Barefoot
5 Because the Night
6 Frederick
7 Seven Ways Of Going
8 Jesus Loves Me
9 Gloria
10 Pumping (My Heart)
11 My Generation

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Rolling Stones - 1990-07-07 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Rolling Stones - Seventh Of July
1990-07-07: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Excellent Stereo.
Taken from BBC FM broadcast "BBC in Concert".
Missing "Can't Be Seen" and Band introduction.

CD 1:
1. Continental Drift [01:38]
2. Start Me Up [04:00]
3. Sad Sad Sad [03:54]
4. Harlem Shuffle [04:26]
5. Tumbling Dice [04:32]
6. Miss You [06:23]
7. Almost Hear You Sigh [05:28]
8. Ruby Tuesday [03:37]
9. Angie [03:30]
10. Rock and a Hard Place [05:25]
11. Mixed Emotions [05:07]
12. Honky Tonk Women [05:09]
13. Midnight Rambler [10:52]

CD 2:
1. You Can't Always Get What You Want [08:27]
2. Happy [04:47]
3. Paint It Black [04:15]
4. 2000 Light Years from Home [06:15]
5. Sympathy For The Devil [07:27]
6. Street Fighting Man [04:24]
7. Gimme Shelter [06:28]
8. It's Only Rock'n Roll (But I Like It) [04:45]
9. Brown Sugar [04:19]
10. Jumping Jack Flash [07:30]
11. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [08:07]

stunning show, excellent sound !

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New links on GUITARS101 07/10/2013

[2xDVDfull] Pearl Jam - 2013-07-19 - Chicago, IL (aud-shot)
[DVDfull] Bruce Springsteen - 2012-11-03 - Louisville, KY (aud-shot)
[DVDfull] Chick Corea & Gary Burton - 2011-03-23 - Burghausen, DE (pro-shot)
[DVDfull] David Bowie - Is happening now (For One Night Only) (pro-shot)
[DVDfull] Nirvana - 1989-11-15 - Heidelberg, DE (aud-shot)
Black Sabbath - 1980-11-27 - Sydney, AU (SBD- FLAC)
Bruce Springsteen - 1977-02-28 - St. Louis, MO (AUD/FLAC)
Bruce Springsteen - 1984-08-05 - East Rutherford, NJ (SBD/FLAC)
Captain Crimson - 2013-09-13 - Weiden, DE (AUD/FLAC)
Chick Corea - 1993-11-17 - Boulder, CO (DSBD/FLAC)
David Bowie - 1999-10-25 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)
Depeche Mode - 2013-09-15 - Sunrise, FL (AUD/FLAC)
Dire Straits - 1985-08-13 - Oklahoma City, OK (AUD/FLAC)
Django Django - 2013-06-13 - Manchester, TN (AUD/FLAC)
Gov't Mule - 2013-09-17 - New York City, NY (AUDFLAC)
Haim - 2013-06-13 - Manchester, TN (AUD/FLAC)
Huey Lewis - 1984-xx-xx - San Francisco, CA (Pre-FM/FLAC)
It'S A Beautiful Day - 1970-10-22 - San Bernardino, CA (SBD/FLAC)
Jackson Browne - 1989-08-25 - Mountain View, CA (Pre-FM/FLAC)
Jackson Browne - 2002-05-18, Baltimore, MD (DSBD/FLAC)
Jeff Buckley - 1997-02-09 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)
Jefferson Starship - 1976-07-07 - New York (FM/FLAC)
Jefferson Starship - 1976-07-14 - Hartford, CT (SBD/FLAC)
Joan Jett - 1980-12-27 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)
Joe Walsh - 1981-07-10 - Dallas, TX (pre-FM/FLAC)
John Cougar Mellencamp - 1984-04-10 - Bloomington, IN (Pre-FM/FLAC)
John Hiatt - 2002-04-28 - Petaluma, CA (SBD/FLAC)
Jorma Kaukonen with Rick Danko - 1987-11-23 - Troy, NY (SBD/FLAC)
Keith Jarret Trio - 1985-07-23 - Juan-les-Pins, FR (FM/FLAC)
Kraftwerk - 1976-09-30 - Paris, FR (AUDFLAC)
Led Zeppelin - 1972-06-22 - San Bernadino, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Led Zeppelin - Deep Throat - The Forum - Los Angeles, CA 1975
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - 1973-11-20 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)
Oasis - 2008-10-26 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)
Patti Smith - 2013-06-19 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Paul McCartney - 1989-11-27 - Inglewood, CA (AUDFLAC)
Pink Floyd - 1970-04-29 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/SHN)
Radiohead - 2003-07-04 - Belfort, FR (DSBD/FLAC)
Ramones - 1979-06-08 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)
Ramones - 1991-07-10 - Leysin, CH (SBD/FLAC)
Richard Thompson - 1982-09-15 - New Haven, CT (SBD/FLAC)
Richard Thompson - 1995-06-29 - Amagansett, NY (AUD/FLAC)
Rod Stewart - 1989-08-11 - East Rutheford, NJ (SBD/FLAC)
Roger Waters - 2013-09-11 - Zurich, CH (AUD/FLAC)
Roger Waters - 2013-09-16 - Manchester, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Roger Waters - 2013-09-21 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC)
Saga - 1984-02-24 - Montreal, Canada (FM/FLAC)
Santana - 1982-11-02 - Corpus Christi, TX (SBD/FLAC)
Simon & Garfunkel - 2010-04-24 - New Orleans, LA (AUD/FLAC)
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1985-03-01 - Dallas, TX (SBD/FLAC)
Talking Heads - 1980-12-11 - Amsterdam, NL (SBD/FLAC)
Ted Nugent - 1975-12-27 - Chicago, IL (FMFLAC)
The Black Crowes - 2013-09-07 - Arrington, VA (AUD/FLAC)
The Black Crowes - 2013-09-08 - Arrington, VA (AUD/FLAC)
The Cure - 1987-11-08 - Stuttgart, DE (AUDFLAC)
The Tubes - 2013-09-14 - Tucson, AZ (AUD/FLAC)
The Who - 1989-08-18 - Vancouver, BC (AUD/FLAC)
The Who - 2000-10-07 - New York City, NY (SBD-AUD/FLAC)
Tom Petty - 2008-08-23 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Tom Petty - 2012-06-14 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)
Weather Report - 1977-04-09 - Royal Oak, MI (AUD/FLAC)
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - 2013-09-15 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

Sting - 1985-02-25 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

The Ritz

Audio tape traded long ago
Audience recording
Lineage: Unknown Taper > Unknown Equipment > Unknown Transfer > CD-R > Wav >Flac

Disc 1
01 Roxanne
02 Shadows in the rain
03 Driven to tears
04 Children´s crusade
05 One world
06 We work the black seam
07 Bring on the night / When the world is running down
08 Moon over Bourbon Street

Disc 2
01 I burn for you
02 If you love somebody set them free
03 Low life
04 Down so long
05 Message in a bottle
06 I need your love so bad

Length: 120:15

Here is Stings first solo performance and the first of 3 shows at The Ritz. There are few versions of this show that circulate. There is a digitally remastered from audience tape recording of the original and a incomplete LP transfer that was shared by Rory Gallagher. Lots of crowd noise but still a good listen and nice on the ears. Easily my favorite era of Sting in his solo career. With Branford Marsalis, Omar Hakim and Darryl Jones damn that was a good band. Haven't been able to get my hands on the following shows, if anyone has them and would like to share them here or possibly trade please contact me.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mark Knopfler - 2005-03-12 - Melbourne, AU (DVDfull aud-shot) SOUNDCHECK by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot)


01. Testing guitar sound
02. Band playing
03. Few chords what it is
04. Keyboards Matt Rollings
05. Fun with a bass case
06. band playing
07. Mark Knopfler enters the stages
08. MK announces which songs to play
09. Soundtrack Done with bonaparte
10. Soundtrack Song for Sonny liston
11. Soundtrack Donegan's gone

U2 - 1989-12-12 - Paris, FR (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Nom : Live from Paris 12.12.1989
Tour : Lovetown Tour
Leg : Leg 2 - Europe
Date : 12.12.1989
Pays : France
Ville : Paris
Lieu : Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy
Type : Vidéo
Support : DVD+/-R
Matériel : Hi8mm > VHS > DVD
Performance : Live
Source : VHS
Génération : 1ère génération
Intégralité : Complet
Camera : Amateur
Nb Cam. : 1
Format : PAL
Résolution : 720x576
Son : MPEG2
Ratio : 4/3
Chapitrage : Oui (5 min)
Menu : Non

Disque 1 (1:40:00)

01. Where The Streets Have No Name
02. I Will Follow
03. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
04. M L K
05. One Tree Hill
06. Gloria
07. God Part I I
08. Desire
09. All Along The Watchtower
10. All I Want Is You
11. Van Diemen's Land
12. Bullet The Blue Sky
13. Running To Stand Still
14. People Get Ready
15. Angel Of Harlem
16. When Love Comes To Town
17. Love Rescue Me
18. With Or Without You
19. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
20. 40

Aerosmith - 2013-08-08 - Chiba, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Title: Aerosonic
Date: August 8, 2013
Venue: QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan
Label: Unknown
Number: Unknown
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
2.Draw The Line
3.Love In An Elevator
4.Oh Yeah
7.Last Child
8.Livin' On The Edge
9.Mama Kin
11.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Disc 2
1.No More No More
2.What It Takes
3.Come Together
4.Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
5.Mother Popcorn
6.Walk This Way
7.Dream On
8.Sweet Emotion
9.Member Introduction

This is a bonus CDR set for "The Final Warming In Osaka (ZODIAC 038)".

Aerosmith - 2013-08-14 - Osaka, Japan (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Band: Aerosmith
Title: Global Warming In Osaka Day 1
Date: August 14, 2013
Venue: Municipal Central Gymnasium, Osaka, Japan
Label: Unknown
Number: Unknown
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1

2.Let The Music Do The Talking
3.Love In An Elevator
4.Beyond Beautiful
5.Oh Yeah
8.Last Child
10.Kings And Queens
11.Livin' On The Edge

Disc 2

1.Mama Kin
3.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
4.No More No More
5.Come Together
6.Walk This Way
7.I'll Get You
9.Dream On
10.Sweet Emotion
11.Member Introduction
12.Outro. (Manish Boy)

This is a bonus CDR set for "The Final Warming In Osaka (ZODIAC 038)".

Aerosmith - 2013-08-16 - Osaka, Japan (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

Title: The Final Warming In Osaka
Date: August 16, 2013
Venue: Municipal Central Gymnasium, Osaka, Japan
Label: Zodiac
Number: ZODIAC 038
Source: Silvers > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1

2.Let The Music Do The Talking
3.Love In An Elevator
4.Legendary Child
5.Oh Yeah
6.Same Old Song And Dance
8.Last Child
9.Drums Solo
10.Toys In The Attic
11.Stop Messin' Around
12.Joe's M.C.
13.Kings And Queens
14.Livin' On The Edge

Disc 2

1.Eat The Rich
3.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
4.No More No More
5.Come Together
6.Walk This Way
7.Home Tonight
8.Dream On
9.Train Kept A Rollin'
10.Sweet Emotion (incl. Third Stone From The Sun)
11.Band Introduction
12.Outro (Manish Boy)

Family - 1971-12-16 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Family - (Music in a) Play House (liberated bootleg)

Gold cdr > SHN (EAC)

1 "Good News Bad News"
Strong version, extra long. Vibes cut through with really metallic sound.

2 "Spanish Tide"
Sections where Wetton sings: listening carefully you can hear an echoed vocal line. Maybe his mike didn't work. Bummer.

3 "Part Of The Load"
Long intro, really grooving. Shimmering vibes. Silly, primitive synth solo. Not as chaotic as other versions. End jam sounds like Allman Brothers, except for the scat-growling of Chapman.

4 "Drowned In Wine"
Good version - a little tame, except for Chapman of course. Wetton's bass is really punchy. Palmer was certainly no virtuoso on flute, though. He should've thrown in some effects.

5 "Holding The Compass"
Some great country-fied (country-fried?) riffs from Wetton on second guitar. Palmer contributing some vital cowbell, which at one point Peel remarks that he plays it "with unusual sensitivity".

6 "Between Blue and Me"
Chapman is introduced as playing bass on this tune, and not badly I might add. Retains the "majestic" quality of the studio version: low D-tuning, steady pace of dual guitars, with some added piano by Palmer

7 "Children"
Finally, Wetton's harmonies come through on this short simple tune.

8 "In My Own Time"
The booming bass reminds me of the Windsong release which featured this tune from an earlier recording. Probably the same.

9 "Take Your Partners"
It was a shocker to hear this played live. I thought it had too much studio feeling to be recreated, but they knew how to do it.

10 "Weaver's Answer"
Closing number in which the band, as always cuts loose. Sorching vocals, blaring synth solos, meaty vibes... it's all there. A little electrical hiss towards the end, but it's the only defect I could hear with the whole recording, and is quickly resolved anyway.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Roger Waters - 2013-09-04 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

Berlin/Germany, Olympiastadion, September 4th, 2013

Sony MD MZ-N707 + Sony ECM 719 Mic > Philips CDR 870 > Wav > Flac

set 1:
01 Intro - Spartacus
02 Intro - Outside The Wall
03 In The Flesh?
04 The Thin Ice
05 Another Brick In The Wall 1
06 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
07 Another Brick In The Wall 2
08 The Ballad Of Jean Charles De Menezes
09 Mother
10 Goodbye Blue Sky
11 Empty Spaces/ What Shall We Do Now?
12 Young Lust
13 One Of My Turns
14 Don't Leave Me Now
15 Another Brick In The Wall 3/
The Last Few Bricks
16 Goodbye Cruel World

set 2:
17 Hey You
18 Is There Anybody Out There?
19 Nobody Home
20 Vera
21 Bring The Boys Back Home
22 Comfortably Numb
23 The Show Must Go On
24 In The Flesh
25 Run Like Hell
26 Waiting For The Worms
27 Stop
28 The Trial
29 Outside The Wall

Sound: ex