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Bruce Springsteen - 2013-03-27 - Melbourne, AU (AUDFLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Recorded by Brother Ruprecht LHS Stage, Row T 50m back

Audio Reality Mikes/ Battery Box > Sony PCM M10B (Manual Settings (5), LCF off, Limiter off) > Audacity (Track Split only) > FLAC (Traders little Helper)

01 Long walk home
02 Radio Nowhere
03 My Love Will Not Let You Down
04 Better Days
05 We Take Care of Our Own
06 Wrecking Ball
07 Death to My Hometown
08 Out in the Street
09 Factory
10 Lost in the Flood
11 High Hopes
12 Bus Stop at 82nd Street
13 Candy's Room
14 Youngstown
15 Murder Incorporated
16 Pay Me My Money Down
17 I'm Going Down
18 Shackled and Drawn
19 Waiting on a Sunny Day
20 The Rising
21 The Ghost of Tom Joad
22 Badlands

23 Jungleland
24 Born to Run
25 Dancing in the Dark
26 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
27 American Land 

Taper Notes
This was a frigging tough day - Spent all day in Melbourne running around doing "The Amazing Race" with a school function - and it was 35 Degrees Celcius - which translates to "F**king too hot to be running around a city looking for clues" in Farenheit for you guts across the big pond ... Quick wash and scrub up in the school toilets (less than pleasant - definately not recommended) and something to eat (Nice place in Federation Square), microphones secreted, batteries changed and straight into the Arena. Security wasn't bad - got in,set up the rig and went to the seat. It being 35 degrees outside it was a little cooler in the Arena but as the crowds came in the heat began to rise. By 19:55, when the lights went down, it was stonking hot in there and the heat was still rising.

One guy in front of me had to go out at one point - looked like he was passing out from the heat- came back in wet about 20 minutes later....
The show was really good - atmospheric, rock and roll - the set list was once again "randomised" with Bruce (at 63 I think) doing some crowd surfing and losing his socks (Joke I think) in th process. Couple of really great songs - Pay Me My Money Down was fantastic - really well done. My wife complained a little about not knowing all the songs - and once again he didn't play Born in the USA - but the guitar trickery from Rage against the Machine's Tom Morello made up for it for me...

Couple of nobs behind me clapping out of time (how can you do that ??? Retards) and generally being nobby at times - but not bad.

Recording is good - instruments are clear, horns sound great (I counted 18 people on stage all doing something so quite a complex sound). Some great drumming as well.
Over all a very good enjoyable show - and by the end of it I was wringing wet through from the heat in the place. Everyone was up on their feat. Lights were up for the encores as well - which had me paranoid making sure my rig wasn't too visible !!!! Security at Bruce shows are pretty fussy about photos so I can imagine they would have ripped me a new backside if they'd seen the wires that were hanging round me (the jigging and moving had dislodged them - note to self - more tape needed on hot days)

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