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Genesis - 1978-10-13 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(WXRT FM broadcast FLAC)

Genesis - Definitive Chicago (Sirene-207)
Uptown Theatre

Disc #1:
01 Intro.
02 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
03 In The Cage
04 Burning Rope
05 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/The Musical Box
06 Ripples
07 Deep In The Motherlode
08 One For The Vine
09 Squonk

Disc #2:
01 Phil Talking
02 Say It's Alright Joe
03 The Lady Lies
04 Romeo And Juliet Story
05 The Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth
06 Afterglow
07 Follow You, Follow Me
08 Dance On A Volcano
09 Drum Duet
10 Los Endos
11 I Know What I Like
12 After The Show Phil's Interview

The original release of "Definitive Chicago" also included a limited edition bonus cd-r of Brand X - BBC Sessions. BBC Radio, London, UK – July 15th, 1976. I did not receive that cd-r in the trade, so that boot is not included here in this torrent.

The "buzz" surrounding this Sirene release back in 2006 was that the source for this boot was taken from the actual reels from WXRT FM - the radio station that broadcasted this now infamous show on October 13, 1978. However, as far as we know, those tape reels have never surfaced and it is believed that the source for this boot is the wonderful sounding SAB 05 v.2.

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