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XTC - 1980-03-02 - Victoria, BC (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

BC University
Victoria, British Columbia

Transferred by:
Hans Devente aka 'The Mad Taper'

Known info:
'either fm or desk
great sound, its from 1980 i guess'
Transferred with a Nakamichi Dragon.
Marked by Hans as likely being either a pre-FM or board pull.
Uploaded as a single FLAC file by Hans, downloaded by JonJon, and then:

> CD Wave 1.98 (Tracking, exported as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV)
> Sony Sound Forge 10.0c (Fades, exported as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV)
> TLH (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP)
> Foobar2000 1.1.13 (Tagging)

Terry Chambers - Drums
David Gregory - Guitar, keys
Colin Moulding - Bass guitar, vocals
Andy Partridge - Guitar, vocals

01 - Bushman President (Homo Safari No. 2)/*
02 - Beatown
03 - Real by Reel
04 - When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
05 - Life Begins at the Hop
06 - The Rhythm
07 - Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)
08 - Scissor Man
09 - Heatwave
10 - Helicopter
11 - This is Pop?
12 - Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)
13 - Instant Tunes
14 - Crowded Room/
15 - Are You Receiving Me?/
16 - Complicated Game
17 - Making Plans for Nigel
18 - Outside World
19 - Dance Band
20 - Statue of Liberty/

Play Time - 01:09:21

/ Fades
* Only the last twenty seconds of 'Bushman President' were captured.

- Another uncirculated show from Hans Devente! This one a mid-Drums & Wires tour show.

- Considering how incredibly tight and clean the audio is, I'd wager this is more
likely a board feed rather than an FM or pre-FM source. It simply isn't radio friendly;
the bass isn't 'in your face' enough, the mids are slightly recessed, the crowd isn't
prominent enough between songs, and the amplitude isn't very high.

- No matter, like I said, the sound is very tight and clean. This is also the only known
Canadian XTC source besides the 1979-01-10 show at the Edge in Toronto.

- Considering how tight and bass light this is, I'm going to guess that this venue
is/was a rather boomy one.

- Oh, and Dave had his balls chopped off.

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