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Soft Machine Legacy - 2011-09-04 - Sant'Anna Arresi, IT (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

recorded in Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant’Anna Arresi (Italy)

John Etheridge, guitar and introductions
Theo Travis, saxes and flute
Roy Babbington, bass
John Marshall, drums
guest - Tony Levin, chapman stick on 08/09

well, this is a lineup run by guitarist Etheridge, and Etheridge plying the Holdsworth is great but it's not Holdsworth, still we have british jazzrock at its best, reminiscent of the middle seventies' Jenkins' lineups, with Travis now from Gong in place of Elton Dean, and Babbington in place of Hugh Hopper. Yeah, I stil like it... Also included in the folder as track 00 a radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 5'58", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

(00-radio introduction by Pino Saulo) [5.58]
01-The Steamer [Travis 4.46]
02-In The Back Room [Etheridge 9.58]
03-bands intro [2.21]
04-Song of Aeolus [Jenkins 8.46]
05-The Nodder [Jenkins 7.49]
06-Grape Hound [Etheridge 8.44]
07-Chloe and the Pirates [Ratledge 5.57]
08-Gesolreut [Ratledge 8.25 with guest Tony Levin]
09-Facelift [Hopper 12.32 with guest Tony Levin]
10-radio outro [0.31]

running time : 69'17" (without radio intro and outro)
WITH radio intro and outro it would be 75'47"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - FESTIVAL DEI FESTIVAL", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on thursday 19 July 2012, 22:43 hours CET.

Lineage (FM > HD > web)
ITT HiFi4060 Tuner > Audacity 2.0 via C-Media CMI8738/C3DX soundcard > 44100hz/16bit flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting

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