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Tom Waits - 1977-04-26 - Bremen, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)

Tom Waits: piano, vocals

Frank Vicari: tenor saxophone
Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins: acoustic/upright bass
Chip Withe: drums

01. Spare Parts 1 (A Nocturnal Emission) (5:21)
02. Invitation To The Blues (6:46)
03. Depot, Depot (3:20)
04. The Piano Has Been Drinking - Not Me (An Evening With Pete King) (3:25)
05. Pasties & A G-String (At The Two O'Clock Pub) (4:44)
06. Step Right Up (4:05)
07. Semi Suite (3:43)
08. Fumblin' With The Blues (2:40)
09. Midnight Lullaby (3:40)
10. Emotional Weather Report (3:27)
11. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work (And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue) (6:55)
12. New Coat Of Paint (5:30)
13. Diamonds On My Windshield (8:59)
14. The One That Got Away (5:12)
15. Small Change (Got Rained On With His Own .3 (6:39)


This is a damn nice bootleg (G.&P. Music) of Tom Waits from a show in Bremen, Germany on April 26, 1977. A couple of things about this upload. The cover notes this is a "limited edition." I'm not quite sure what that means. While researching whether this has been commercially released, I discovered that this was (I believe) originally released by Great Dane (go to the link below (below "Fafos" to check it out. What I am uploading, however, was released by G.&P. Music. (So, I guess this is a rip-off of a bootleg. Makes me think bootleggers have lots of class, all of it very low!) In any event, there is some Cyrillic type at the bottom of one of boot's pics you will get. I do not speak or read Russian, and while my wife took some Russian in college, she can't read it either. Unfortunately, I do not know how to include the specific text here, so perhaps one of our Cyrillic reading friends here will have an opportunity to grab this and translate for us. Let me thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

There was no other information provided with this when I got it, not text file or checksums. Consequently, I guess this introduction constitutes the "original" text file. Additionally, I have created checksums for this recording. Both the checksums and this introduction/text file will be included in your download.

This sounds to me like a soundboard recording, although I think folks who attend his shows are generally pretty attentive/not particularly rowdy. For the most part the only time you will hear the audience is between songs.

Not that you should care, but this recording includes one of my favorite Waits' songs, "Step Right Up." I'm a big one for novelty songs, and I consider "Step Right Up" to be one. Any song that includes lines like "Turns a sandwich into a banquet" and "It's our going out of business sale!" definitely qualifies as novelty.

This is another Tom Waits recording that I would never play within earshot of my wife. The production values are fine. She just hates Tom's voice and finds most of Tom's music too jazzy. Oh well. I think it's really pretty nice.

As I noted above, no checksum or original text file was included when I got this. Therefore, I am including this introduction as the "original" text file. I have also created a fingerprint file (also included with the download) using xACT 2.16.

One more thing: Please note that I am, as always, simply the messenger. All thanks go to mozier2001 and, of course, the musicians. A very humble "thank you!" from Luckymudster to one and all.

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  1. Some more information about this concert. I think limited means just its not the whole concert. It was recorded and broadcasted by Radio Bremen/FM (Yes, this City at Northsea) in Bremen at a small venue called "Post-Aula". May be 300-400 People. Staying for the first time in Europe Waits was mostly unknown. Lots of freaks (probably all communists addicted to alcohol and heroin as our elders were convinced) interested in american music would attend such a concert, being sponsored by fmstation meaning very cheap tickets. So it took no wonder that there was a lot of boohs and whistling after 30 minutes. Only few knew what was coming up and really enjoyed. You hear that very good on the long tape. Waits then, after a half hour took a break for twenty minutes and as the lights went out again this seemed to be the right place after more than half of the audi-ence had left the building and now you really get a feeling how the band and listeners enjoyed themselves more and more. There still must be a TDK-Cassette with the full concert somewhere deep at an unknown place in my house (approx. 100 Minutes). You can find a longer version here (76Min) also Eggs and sausages 03:22, Nobody 04:04, Grapefruit moon 05:19 You may also translate via Google an official press release below by german nationwide radiosta-tion DLR which sent parts of the concert several times.In Concert: Tom Waits"Tom Waits & Band"(Bremen, Post-Aula, 26. April 1977)Der befand sich 1977 auf seiner ersten Europatournee und gab in Deutschland nur zwei Konzerte: Eines im Rockpalast, das andere in der Reihe "Forum Junge Musik" in Bremen. Radio Bremen und der Kultursenator der Stadt hatten sich zusammengetan, um dieses einmalige Konzert und seine Radioaufzeichnung zu ermöglichen.Das Konzert selbst hatte keinen Titel. Man nannte es einfach "Tom Waits & Band". Der 27-jährige Waits hatte damals schon die Stimme eines mindestens 50-jährigen Schwarzen und war bereits genauso schrullig, wie man ihn heute kennt. Begleitet wurde er von einer wunderbar swingenden Band mit Frank Vicari (Saxophon), Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins III (Bass) und Chip White (Schlagzeug). Waits selbst war in der Zeit hierzulande noch völlig unbekannt, obwohl er in den USA schon vier Platten veröffentlicht hatte. Das Bremer Publikum verblüffte er damals mit einer absolut charisma-tischen Bühnenpräsenz.