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The Beach Boys - 2012-05-21 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC) 

Recorded by Roy Martin using a set of Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid mics plugged into a Zoom H2n recorder. Captured from the front row orchestra pit, inches away from the monitors and three feet in front of Brian Wilson, as a 24-bit/48kHz WAV. Cool Edit Pro used for misc. edits, fade ins/outs and downsampling to 16-bit/44.1kHz. The large WAV was split using CD Wave Editor. SBEs were fixed ("-fixed" removed from the filenames) and encoded to FLAC (Level 8) using Trader's Little Helper.


1st Set (66:37)

01 - house announcement
02 - Do It Again
03 - Catch A Wave
04 - Hawaii
05 - Don't Back Down
06 - Surfin' Safari
07 - Surfer Girl
08 - Please Let Me Wonder
09 - Marcella
10 - Wendy
11 - Then I Kissed Her
12 - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
13 - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
14 - Cottonfields
15 - It's OK
16 - Little Honda
17 - Be True To Your School
18 - Disney Girls
19 - Kiss Me Baby
20 - Don't Worry Baby
21 - Little Deuce Coupe
22 - 409
23 - Shut Down
24 - I Get Around

2nd set (75:06)
01 - Add Some Music To Your Day
02 - California Dreaming
03 - Sloop John B
04 - Wouldn't It Be Nice
05 - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
06 - Forever
07 - Sail On Sailor
08 - All This Is That
09 - Heroes & Villians
10 - That's Why God Made The Radio
11 - In My Room
12 - God Only Knows
13 - Good Vibrations
14 - California Girls
15 - Help Me Rhonda
16 - Rock & Roll Music
17 - Do You Wanna Dance
18 - Surfing USA
19 - Kokomo > band intros
20 - Barbara Ann
21 - Fun Fun Fun

This recording is not perfect.
-- There's significant volume fluxuations during the first song ("Do It Again") as I tried to get my levels without getting the attention of the performers or the heavy security presence.

-- There are also many strange anomalies that were inherit in the house mix. Remember that the immediate front row by the stage has the poorest acoustics. The guitars are very low in the mix that I captured. The vocals are upfront. I sacrificed an acoustically superior seat to be immediately in front of one of the legends of rock & roll - Brian Wilson. There were small monitors pointed at me, which the house feed was coming through. I was glad, because without these monitors, we (in the orchestra pit) would've never heard the vocals.

-- My mics were within inches of these monitors, but because of a close presence of security, I had to hide my equipment on occassion. So, forgive my poor mic technique. You'll hear occassional mic thumps, too. Sorry.

-- Some songs are louder than other. The car tunes at the end of disc one, for example, are louder than the songs just prior to it. Why? I dunno.

-- Mike Love's mic feed was significantly distorted. He had a cordless mic (everyone else had typical wired mics) and I think that was the reason why his, and only his, vocals buzz. You'll hear it, esp. when he speaking in-between songs. I was shocked the guy running the board was not aware of it, and didn't try to correct it in between sets. Either he was incompetant or didn't care. It's horrible during the introduction of "IJWMFTT" and "Forever."

-- Also, I had a middle-aged lady sitting next to me and she was having a good ol' time and can be heard in the recording. Oh well, she paid for her ticket and deserved to have a good time just like I did, in the front row.

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