giovedì 14 giugno 2012

Etta James - 1989-03-13 - Minneapolis, MN (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundoard FLAC)

Guthrie Theater

Soundboard: DAT > DAT clone > Audacity > FLAC 8. FLAC tags in kid3. SBE check in xACT. MD5 checksum from Checksum+.

01 opening applause
02 [unknown instrumental - anybody know the name of this tune?]
03 Hip Hug-Her [band instrumental]
04 Tell Mama [% dropouts toward the end]
05 I'd Rather Go Blind
06 Something's Got a Hold on Me
07 [reminiscences]
08 Damn Your Eyes
09 Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
10 My Dearest Darling
11 All I Could Do Was Cry
12 [Here Comes the Bride and wedding spiel]
13 Stop the Wedding [% dropouts toward the end]

01 [blues banter]
02 Baby What You Want Me To Do [gap at end]
03 Take It to the Limit
04 Come to Mama [gap mid-song]
05 Shaky Ground [gap in banter afterward]
06 Sugar on the Floor (w/ band intros)
07 [applause / begin encore]
08 I Got the Will

Sound is not perfect--you'll notice a few digital pops here and there, and three brief gaps. Aside from those flaws, it's a great digital soundboard of a fine performance. Samples provided.

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