sabato 9 giugno 2012

AC/DC - 1981-08-22 - Donington, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


01 - Hells Bells
02 - Shot Down In Flames
03 - Sin City
04 - Back In Black
05 - Bad Boy Boogie
06 - The Jack
07 - What Do You Do For Money Honey
08 - Highway To Hell
09 - High Voltage
10 - Whole Lotta Rosie
11 - Rocker
12 - T.N.T.
13 - Rock 'N Roll Ain'T Noise Pollution
14 - You Shook Me All Night Long
15 - Let There Be Rock

Notes by the uploader
We ended up for ACDC stood about 10 rows from the front to the right of the stage 30 feet from one of the biggest stacks I have ever seen in my life. Boy I was deaf as post for about 3 days after this gig. I remember looking to my left and seeing a guy holding up a 20 foot pole with a mic strapped to the top (he was dead centre of the stage). At the time I thought I wonder if I ever end up with a copy of that tape. Now I can't say that this is what that guy taped but when you listen to the results on this tape it wouldn't surprise me at all. Whoever did record this I take my hat off to them and I would like to thank them. The sound quality is very good indeed, they did a great job, in what were pretty horrendous conditions. But hey in 1981 I was only in my early 20's, I was earning decent money, no wife kids or obligations about a week after this the rain and mud of Castle Donnington became a distant memory as we all went to Corfu for a three week lads holiday. It was a great time in my life. Ah well back to this. I know there are those that thought AC/DC finished when Bon died, I have always had the opinion that they didn't finish after that tragic event. So for those that want to listen to a great gig in the wind and rain of Nottinghamshire it's here for you to enjoy. Get this turned up and blast it out SQ 8/10 As always support the band, buy their stuff hopefully they will tour again but I'm not to sure about that. Don't sell this it has been made available by fans of the band for fans of the band.

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