mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

The Moody Blues - 2002-10-18 - Clearwater, FL (ALD/SBD/FLAC)

Ruth Eckerd Hall

ALD/SBD > D8 (listen box) DAT > CDR

01. DJ introduction
02. The Voice
03. Tuesday Afternoon
04. For My Lady
05. English Sunset
06. Words You Say
07. Gemini Dream
08. The Actor
09. Steppin' In A Slide Zone
10. I Know You're Out There Somewhere
11. The Story In Your Eyes

01. Your Wildest Dreams
02. Isn't Life Strange
03. The Other Side Of Life
04. Nothing Changes
05. I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock 'N' Roll Band)
06. Nights In White Satin
07. Legend Of A Mind
08. Question
09. Ride My See-Saw

Additional notes:
* Deleted/faded extraneous applause at end of both discs (with Nero wave editor)
* Deleted 11 seconds of pre-recorded music intro at beginning of track 102
* Faded in track 102 with Nero wave editor
* Re-tracked show by combining in Nero wave editor, then splitting with CD Wave

ALD (assisted listening device) soundboard recordings are usually knocked for their "thin" sound quality (high amount of treble, not enough bass), but I don't think that's a real issue here at all. As such, Jim's files have been unaltered for sound quality (i.e., no EQ performed)--if some of you prefer to have more bass in your ALD recordings, I'll let you do your own EQ work since it then becomes a matter of personal taste. As for me, I think the show sounds great, as-is.

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